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One of our core products is the hand-made original ice cream made by traditional preparation methodology. In general, we have 24 types of ice cream in our gelato show type glass cabinet, in the garden. We offer almost 40 types of ice cream cups, from children’s cups to alcoholic cups.

Our partners can select from almost 150 types of ice cream each day. Our partners can purchase our ice creams according to their own business policies, which we of course also deliver. We can prepare everything from conservative wedding cakes to monumental, nearly 500-slice special, wedding cakes. Dream your wedding cake and we will make it come true. You can either choose your cake from our selection, but we can also realise your own idea. We prepare several hundreds of cakes based on the recipes, the knowledge of the confectioner and the facilities of the workshop. You can found our products in the wine-shops, taverns of Burgenland, and our Christmas cakes, which we pack in different wrappings, are also available for the family holiday, for the gourmets.


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