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Hujber István Tamás


István Tamás Hujber was born in 1965 as the first grandchild in a family, which was a bakery family more than half a century ago, whose bakery in Sopron, then in Himod survived two nationalisation tragedies after the war, and which worked in hospitality for generations. In the seventies, already as a small child, he was toddling in his uncle’s famous Hoffer Pastry Shop, amongst the home-made cream-filled pastries under the supervision of his grandmother. In 1982, he graduated with excellent grades in confectionery in the Secondary and Vocational School of Hospitality in Sopron. During school, he was already working as a skilled journeyman. In 1989 he completed his secondary studies in hospitality in an evening correspondence course. Meanwhile, starting in 1986, in artisan courses, he accomplished the subjects necessary for the master examination. Then in 1987, he passed the master examination and acquired an artisan diploma. He worked in Sopron, as the foreman of the Stefánia Pastry Shop, belonging to the Hungarhotels hotel chain, and he coordinated the reconstruction works of the workshop of the Borostyán Pastry Shop between 1986 and 1988. In the following two years, he was the foreman of the Lajter Bakery. He also educated confectionery apprentices. This was the time, when the Black Forest Sour Cherry Cake and the Moldavian Cheese Cake, which he made in a unique way, acquired fame and fashion status. After skipping a year in 1990, he started working on probation at the Christmas of 1991 at the Austrian Emmelschuh company in Schattendorf, then in February 1992, he gained permanent status as manager. He has been making ice cream since 1979. Since at the moment, the core activity of the company is the hand-made manufacture of ice cream, it is essential to continuously develop and raise the level of quality. This is performed by regularly taking part in seminars. The company, by a continuous development from 1997, has gained its final image. The title of the most ideal chocolate ice cream of the ice cream season of 1999 also refers to the sold quantity of the chocolate ice cream.

It was also awarded the sixth place in the ice cream competition held in Wels in 2007.






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