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Johann "Schani" Emmelschuh


Johann "Schani" Emmelschuh Was born in Schattendorf, 31st May 1952 in a baker family founded in the beginning of the century. After four years spent in the elementary school in Schattendorf, and the four years spent in the higher elementary school in Mattersburg, he took the polytechnic course in Schattendorf, which was the first in its kind in the town. Then he got into the knack of bakery, which was quite easy for him, since the Emmelschuh family had been practising the same profession for generations. In 1970, he took part in a trade apprentice competition in Baden bei Wien, and passed the journeyman examination. He passed the master examination in bakery in 1976 then, four years later he passed the master examination in confectionery. In 1983 he opened a coffee house at 1 Bahnhofstraße. In 1985, he took over the family bakery from his father, Wilhelm Emmelschuh. At first, he run the bakery with the coffee house, but then he soon moved the sales counter from the old place of the bakery to the new coffee house. He started making and selling original Italian ice cream in 1984. After the opening of the coffee house, at first, it was difficult to find enough room for the tables. It became a typical trendy meeting place, just like the El Dorado in the 50’s, the “Krauterer” (Bierbaum Guest House) in the 60’s and the Grafi Café and Guest House in the 70’s. Due to original Italian ice cream, the Emmelschuh Coffee House and Pastry Shop has become especially popular since 1983 in the Schattendorf area. Johann Emmelschuh and his Hungarian confectioner, Stefan – István Hujber -, who has been making ice cream since 1979, learned the profession a traditional place, in the Hoffer Pastry Shop in Sopron, where he mastered the tricks of confectionery. He has been the engine of the company since 1992. They not only specialised in ice cream, but also in pastry and wedding cakes. In recent years, they have supplied wedding cakes even to Vienna, which of course are quite popular in the neighbourhood as well. It is linked with the Country Festival in Schattendorf, which has already been organised for ten times in Schattendorf. The best and most popular country musicians and singers were present from England to Poland. As of 1999 the Schattendorf Week of Culture has been organised under the Kulturreigen name, which was made up of exhibitions, theatrical performances, musical concerts and travel programmes. It was awarded the Federal Honorary Award in 2005.







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